Make it

a good night


Comfy Mattress

Our mattress guarantees absolute comfort with a medium firm support that many Australians love and desire

Plush Topper

With a lofty cushion of softness and luxury, our topper offers enhanced sleep with less stress and more pleasure

Cosy Pillow

Fluffy and supportive, our pillow provides ample head and neck support for an exceptional rest all the time


Soft landing always...

Motion Isolation

Our unlinked pocket spring mattress eliminates movement throughout the entire bed and offers individual support for greater comfort.

Why buy a Giselle Mattress?

Combining quality and excellent properties, our mattresses are there to provide comfort and support for you. With over 50,000 mattresses sold annually, you can be assured that a Giselle Bedding mattress is your perfect choice.

The essentials of better sleep

Genuine Euro
Top technology

Our Euro Top mattress is manufactured with a super soft and plush top layer augmented by a 8cm cushion foam added to the uppermost mattress layer.

This provides a smooth transition between the mattress and comfort layer, giving you better
quality sleep.

This is what best dreams are made up of

Coil System

Superb support across entire mattress

The coil system

Considered to be the best coil system where all coils adjust independently regardless of weight applied. Reducing disturbance between partners for a good sleep.

Quality Springs

Springing into outstanding action

Superior quality spring

  • Triple-tempered high carbon steel
  • 300,000 times tensile tested
  • 99% quick rebound rate
  • 1900Mpa high pressure capacity

10% weight

10% weight

10% weight

5% weight

25% weight

25% weight

15% weight

What is zoning?

Zones and support

A mattress is offered in 3, 5, 7 or 9 zones support. But if you were to consider which part of your body needs the right amount of support, the more springs do not necessarily equal to optimal support. Let comfort be your deciding factor.

Cutting-edge sleeping technology

What's really special inside

We take the construction of our mattress very seriously. Nothing is left to chance to ensure that every part of our mattress is manufactured to the utmost quality and standards.

Stringently tested

Certified and proven quality




Belgium knitted fabric

Made in accordance with international standards.

Less than 10mins to unpack


Place the packaging
onto a flat surface
or bed frame and pull the
mattress out slowly


Place the mattress
on suitable bed frame to
check for sizing


Roll out the mattress
on a flat surface or
onto a bed frame


Allow 24 hours for it
to fully expand before
using mattress

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With perfect sleep

Every morning is a good one